Garden Wise: Starting seeds indoors

Getting a jump on the growing season is important for certain flowers and vegetable crops. Transplanted seedlings have a head start and assure gardeners an ample crop. Of course, seedlings can be purchased from the local garden shop, but if you want to grow that special or unusual variety, starting from seed yourself is the only option.It’s easy to start vegetable and flower seeds indoors. With a good south-facing window or a sunroom in your home the process is simple. Even better, grow them under artificial lights. Check the catalogs and Internet gardening equipment sites for reasonably priced, small table top units that hold grow lights. They are the key to success and can be stored away when not in use.

Oregon approves developer’s plan to move contaminated soil

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon has approved a developer’s plan to truck pesticide-contaminated soil from a proposed residential development in northeast Salem to a farm 6 miles away.

Do homework before planting cover crops

TWIN FALLS — Though cover crops are becoming more common in the Magic Valley, the practice still requires planning.

Garden Wise: Location, location, location!

Yesterday evening my wife interrupted our conversation and said, “It’s getting chilly!” She left the room only to return a minute later wearing a sweater. With that single action, she had demonstrated one of the profound differences between plants and…