Monthly Archive: November 2017

What are all those booms and rumbling about?

If you've lived in the Magic Valley for very long, you've heard the strange rumblings in the skies. What are they? Nobody really knows for sure. Here is a selection of stories from over the years documenting the strange sounds, with plenty of speculation about the causes. 

Turning 65: Medicare Choices- It is that time of year

Fall enrollment time for Medicare beneficiaries is almost over. Each year, between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7, every Medicare beneficiary can elect to enroll in a Medicare Advantage/Part C/Managed Medicare or change Medicare Advantage plans or move back to Original Medicare. It takes patience to determine which option is best for you: Traditional/Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage. If you change coverage, your coverage starts Jan. 1.

Public art or business access? The URA may deed a part of the Rogerson Hotel wall for a business entrance

TWIN FALLS — Across from the new City Hall and adjacent to the future downtown commons plaza, one wall of the historic Rogerson Hotel still stands.