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Reward up to $28,700 in Hunt for Nevada Cattle Shooters

ELKO, Nev. | The Nevada Cattlemen's Association and others have upped the reward in the search for suspects who've been shooting dozens of cattle in northern Nevada after another one was found dead last weekend in Elko County near Wildhorse Reservoir.

Nevada Department of Agriculture officials announced this week that the reward now stands at $28,700 in the investigation of 61 cattle that were shot over the past three years, including 11 that died.

Twenty-four of those have been shot since last summer, including eight killed.

The shootings have been in an area stretching from the center of the state near Winnemucca to areas around Wells about 60 miles from the Utah line.

Anyone with information should contact the Elko County Sheriff at 775-777-2507 or state agriculture officials at 775-738-8076.

Ag Futures: Corn Prices in the Dirt

U.S. farmers are planting corn at a breakneck pace, but as they get seed into the ground, prices are diving into the dirt as well.

During the previous week, U.S. farmers planted a whopping 36 percent of the corn crop, one of the most productive weeks on record. As of last Sunday, 55 percent of the corn crop has been planted, ahead of the normal pace, and analysts expect as much as three-quarters to be planted by the weekend.

While getting most of their crop planted without major issues is a welcome relief for many farmers, it also signals to the markets that this is likely going to be another year with more corn supply than demand, which is hammering prices. This week, prices for corn dropped to a six-month low, trading as low as $3.54 per bushel.

Going forward, in order to get prices to rise, there will have to be a threat to this year’s crop or a jump in demand, perhaps from foreign buyers. Next Tuesday, the USDA will issue its monthly Supply & Demand Outlook, which could give a spark to the markets if it shows tightening supply. Otherwise, prices could stay stuck in the mud.

Copper Shines as China Buys

China, the world’s largest consumer of copper, announced continued stimulus, or easing programs, during the last two weeks, helping to boost prices to a new high for the year. Though the Chinese economy has shown signs of slowing, plans to stimulate or speed consumption could wake up massive demand if China resumes the economic expansion of the past few years. U.S. consumption has stabilized since low interest rates have enabled more home and auto demand, the two sectors that require supplies of the red metal.

Just as demand seems to be picking up, copper mines, especially in Chile, have experienced production problems related to labor disputes adding to fears that supply will fall short of demand.

The U.S. dollar and unemployment figures could become especially important in determining price direction next month.

The copper futures contract consists of 25,000 pounds of high grade electrolytic copper cathodes. As of midday Friday the active July contract was trading at $2.92 per pound.

Stork Report: Births at Jerome, Twin Falls hospitals

St. Luke’s Jerome

Liam Alexander Trelles, son of Debra Nichole and Jesse Jr. Trelles of Jerome, was born April 28, 2015.

St. Luke’s Magic Valley

Buddy Linn Lee, son of Trinity Machelle Lee Capps and Mark Nissian Lee of Twin Falls, was born April 29, 2015.

Emmalynn Mae Bales, daughter of Dakota Lynn Virden and Cruiz Anthony Bales of Twin Falls, was born April 30, 2015.

Aleaha Victoria Gamez, daughter of Nauleeza Navia Naranjo and Francisco Javier Gamez of Twin Falls, was born April 30, 2015.

Emma Ann Howsden, daughter of Tharesa Lynn and John Dustin Howsden of Buhl, was born April 30, 2015.

Jo Lee Lisle, daughter of Casey Lee Ligameri and James Earl Lisle of Glenns Ferry, was born May 1, 2015.

Reynaldo Antonio Mendez Jr., son of Maria Luisa Mejia and Reynaldo Antonio Mendez of Shoshone, was born May 1, 2015.

Madden Jeffrey Seibold, son of Rachel Ann and Chad Jeffrey Seibold of Twin Falls, was born May 1, 2015.

Leilani Mae Josephine Hennis, daughter of April Kay and Frank Jason Hennis of Twin Falls, was born May 1, 2015.

Seager James Mulgrew, son of Amanda Rhea and Jeremy Eugene Mulgrew of Wendell, was born May 2, 2015.

Da’vonta Alaniz, son of Ashley Yanira and Joseph Alex Alaniz of Jerome, was born May 2, 2015.

Cooper Lowell Dixon, son of Hailey Marie and Blake Oscar Dixon of Gooding, was born May 2, 2015.

Skyler Elijah Harp, son of Jessica Danielle and Jovi Dean Harp of Twin Falls, was born May 3, 2015.

Adelia Louise Basanez, daughter of Skyler Marie and Raymond John Basanez of Elko, Nev., was born May 3, 2015.

Alaynna Orlene Cooke, daughter of Anna May and Joshua David Cooke of Twin Falls, was born May 3, 2015.

Owen James-William Keith, son of Wendy Joy and Brian James Keith of Jerome, was born May 4, 2015.

Tyrus Todd Phillips and Nolan Brad Phillips, twin sons of Leslie Higley and Todd Alan Phillips of Twin Falls, were born May 4, 2015.

Gabrielle Lynn Estrada, daughter of Kara Lynn Fiscus of Twin Falls, was born May 4, 2015.

Dawson Hagen Cook, son of Brittany Mariah Summers and Orrin Tyrel Cook Sr. of Elko, Nev., was born May 5, 2015.

Kamdyn Clyde James Lewis, son of Faro Michaelah and Michael Aaron Lewis of Jerome, was born May 5, 2015.

Nova Grace Heck, daughter of Hailey Rebecca Heck of Twin Falls, was born May 5, 2015.

Georgina Joanne Elsner, daughter of Jennifer Tracy and Andrew Earl Elsner of Wells, Nev., was born May 6, 2015.

Joziah Lemke Pinon, son of Jana Dene Lemke and Juvenal Pinon of Wendell, was born May 6, 2015.

Jordan Terrell Fawcett, son of Paula Renaw and Nathan Ray Fawcett of Buhl, was born May 6, 2015.

Yahir Mario Castrejon Cortes, son of Blanca Leticia Cortes Mendoza and Evodio Mario Castrejon Cardenas of Jerome, was born May 6, 2015.

Boston Andrew Borup and Jonah Nicholas Borup, twin sons of Jennifer Caitlin Gray and Benton Micheal Borup of Twin Falls, were born May 6, 2015.