Curious Mind: Was Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir bay named after Walt Snyder?

Q: Directly east of the old Harrell Place on Browns Bench, on the west side of the creek is Walt’s Bay on Salmon Falls Creek. I’m curious to know if there is knowledge of the Walt it is named after. There was a Walt Snyder that homesteaded above the Browns Bench Ranch, so I’m wondering if it might have been named for him.

Health Care Buzz: Scams – more sophisticated than ever

Unfortunately, scams continue in both robo calls and internet/email potential identify theft as well as incorporating fear and intimidation techniques. We will explore two areas of high focus scams:

Health Care Buzz: Glossary of Terms: Medicare’s Working Aged, Part 2

In part one of our two-part series on working past Medicare’s health care coverage age of 65, we outlined the rules for determining primary insurance/primary payer. Medicare is secondary in numerous situations, such as when the spouse is still working and covering a retired Medicare-age patient.