Our next BIG STORY: On the edge of freedom — BASE jumpers search for the next rush

The Perrine Bridge is an iconic landmark for thrill seekers who flock from around the country and the world for a chance to hurl themselves off the 486-foot structure. It serves as the only man-made structure in the United States where people can BASE jump year-round and without any special permits.

Hidden History: Long defunct towns in Twin Falls County

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. About three miles west of Twin Falls, railroad tracks cross U.S. Highway 30. Today, this intersection is known as “Curry Crossing” — but years ago the town of Curry flourished there.

EPA blocks some media from summit, then reverses course

NEW YORK (AP) — A reporter for The Associated Press was grabbed by the shoulders and shoved out of an Environmental Protection Agency building by a security guard Tuesday for trying to cover a meeting on water contaminants in which some reporters were welcomed and others were not.