Turning 65: New Medicare Cards & New Challenges

It starts this month! New, safer Medicare cards will begin being mailed to the 58 Medicare million beneficiaries. The Medicare number will no longer be your social security number with an alpha character. It will now be a randomly generated 11-character Medicare Beneficiary Number that looks something like: 1EG4-TE5-MK72. In planning for the change, be sure your address is correct. Use the Social Security webpage or call them if it is not accurate. They are rolled out randomly across the country with Idaho starting in June. Don’t be surprised if your spouse or your neighbor gets a new card and you don’t. It will happen; be patient.

HealthCare Buzz: Turning 65 — What is a Medicare supplemental insurance plan and why do I need one?

When turning 65, there are many decisions to make related to Medicare coverage options. Looking to the internet will provide excellent search items, with special attention to Medicare’s publication: “Medicare and Me.”

Healthcare Buzz: Turning 65: How does traditional Medicare pay for an inpatient stay?

As the baby boomers continue to peak with turning 65 (starting in 2017-2020), there are many areas where changes will be impacting the new 65 -year-old.’ In this “Turning 65” column, we will address tidbits and educational items to help…