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Group of pediatricians leave St. Luke’s to form own practice

Taking children to the doctor's office can be a challenge on the best of days.

When Frontier Pediatric Partners opens on Thursday in the River Commons complex on Locust Street North, parents will have a chance to relax a bit.

New housing to help growing number of Magic Valley homeless

Homelessness is on the rise in Twin Falls. Valley House is building 18 new family housing units to help those without a roof over their heads. 

Our next BIG STORY: On the edge of freedom — BASE jumpers search for the next rush

The Perrine Bridge is an iconic landmark for thrill seekers who flock from around the country and the world for a chance to hurl themselves off the 486-foot structure. It serves as the only man-made structure in the United States where people can BASE jump year-round and without any special permits.

Idaho artifacts suggest Pacific entry for first Americans

Scientists say they've found artifacts in Idaho that indicate people were living there around 16,000 years ago, providing new evidence that the first Americans entered their new home by following the Pacific coast

New Ronald McDonald House in Boise will serve more Twin Falls families

When Kalie Vest's infant daughter needed medical care in Boise, being able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House relieved some of the stress.

Vest, of Twin Falls, spent more than 100 days in Boise while her daughter received treatment for a congenital heart defect.