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Higher Ground hosts Annual Supper Club at The Argyros

Join Higher Ground for cocktails and dinner at The Argyros Performing Arts Center Feb. 6 in support of their recreation programming. The yearly family-style benefit ensures Higher Ground can continue to bring inclusive recreation opportunities to people of all abilities.

Farewell in the forecast: Neudorff leaving KMVT green screen

TWIN FALLS — He walks into Norm’s and slides into a booth. If he wasn’t such a regular it might seem odd to see him in real life, without a coat and tie. The waitress asks him if he’ll be having the usual, and he nods yes.

Nevada sheriff: Radio show host Art Bell dead at 72

PAHRUMP, Nev. — Art Bell, a radio host best known for a paranormal-themed nightly show syndicated on hundreds of stations in the 1990s, died at his home in southern Nevada, authorities said Saturday.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace to be featured on Facebook series ‘Returning the Favor’

TWIN FALLS — In the dark and through pouring rain, Luke Mickelson backed his truck and trailer up the driveway. Television celebrity Mike Rowe sat in the seat next to him.