10 pioneer-era apple types thought extinct found in US West

The apples positively identified as previously “lost” were among hundreds of fruits collected from 140-year-old orchards tucked into small canyons or hidden in forests that have since grown up around them in rural Idaho and Washington state.

Wandering wolf that captivated the world is believed dead

A wolf that wandered thousands of miles from Oregon and became the first wild wolf spotted in California in almost 90 years before returning to Oregon and starting a pack is believed to be dead, wildlife officials said.

Out and About: A day in ‘The City’…..of Rocks, that is

A day in the City of Rocks offered a spectacular tour of the North Fork of Circle Creek, an 8-mile loop that offers views of many iconic towers and rocks in the reserve.

Garden Wise: Why biodiversity matters

Two issues, unrelated except for their focus on diversity, hit our news in the last several weeks. First, a group of 28 Idaho Legislators signed a letter written by Rep. Barbara Ehardt, R-Idaho Falls, and addressed to incoming Boise State University president Marlene Tromp — encouraging her to abandon university diversity programs because those programs “highlight differences” between groups, draw attention to group grievances and go counter to the “Idaho way.”

State asks for Idahoan’s help battling Rush skeletonweed

MERIDIAN — Idaho noxious weed experts have placed rush skeletonweed near the top of their list of priority weeds to eradicate and are asking Idahoans for their help in attacking this highly invasive plant that has infested more than a million acres of Idaho’s land.

Nevada Researchers Trying to Turn Roadside Weed into Biofuel

RENO, Nev. | Three decades ago, a University of Nevada researcher who obtained one of the first U.S. Energy Department grants to study the potential to turn plants into biofuels became convinced that a roadside weed — curly top gumweed — was growing along the road to the future.

Sawtooth National Forest closes 5 campgrounds in South Hills

BURLEY — Five upper campgrounds in the South Hills will be closed Memorial Day weekend due to hazards following a snowstorm.