Water customers should irrigate on scheduled days

TWIN FALLS — Homeowners in Twin Falls are reminded that the community has a Water Conservation Ordinance that requires residents to follow the city irrigation schedule. The ordinance, which was adopted in 2004, encourages conservation of southern Idaho’s limited groundwater resources.

Reclamation to conduct maintenance and rehabilitation work at American Falls Dam

AMERICAN FALLS — American Falls Dam, a 94-foot-high composite concrete and earth gravity-type dam on the Snake River in Power County will undergo maintenance and rehabilitation in 2020 and 2021. The dam was originally completed in 1928, then was reconstructed and replaced under authority of the Bureau of Reclamation’s Safety of Dams Act in 1978.

Nevada Researchers Trying to Turn Roadside Weed into Biofuel

RENO, Nev. | Three decades ago, a University of Nevada researcher who obtained one of the first U.S. Energy Department grants to study the potential to turn plants into biofuels became convinced that a roadside weed — curly top gumweed — was growing along the road to the future.

Snug as a bug in a … cricket condo? Magic Valley welcomes first cricket farm (for human consumption)

HAGERMAN — In a greenhouse south of Hagerman, millions of insects inhabit cardboard “cricket condos” and thrive in a geothermally heated room. They feast on powdery food and lay hundreds of eggs a day. But their final destination could be your kitchen pantry — in the form of a protein bar, protein shake or protein-packed brownie mix.