Monthly Archive: February 2018

Shooting the bull: Revisiting an old column as a sign of the times

Today’s column represents a celebration of sorts…with a caution. This month marks the two-year anniversary of a column I wrote, titled “Silent Spring.” In that piece I lamented the remarkable and noteworthy absence of both rimfire and centerfire ammunition from dealers’ shelves across the country.

Irrigation meters: ESPA groundwater pumpers face April 1 deadline to install flow meters

TWIN FALLS — An approaching deadline for groundwater pumpers to install flow meters at their wells has irrigation vendors scrambling.

Avery receives Outstanding Technology Leader award

JEROME — Janet Avery, curriculum director for the Jerome School District, has been honored with the Northwest Council for Computer Education 2018 Outstanding Technology Leader of the Year award. At the closing session of the NCCE conference, Avery was presented with a $500 check from Troxell Communications for her 23-year career as a teacher, curriculum director, administrator and technology director.

Garden Wise: Spring care of ornamental grasses

All ornamental grasses benefit from an annual pruning in late winter or early spring, before new growth begins. Why not in the fall? Ornamental grasses add so much winter interest to your landscape that it pays to wait. Let those grasses work their winter magic and then prune. Removing the dried biomass in early spring allows new leaves and stems to emerge from the root mass without being blocked from essential sunlight by last year’s lifeless shafts. Don’t simply prune off the tops and flowers as some do. That does nothing to address the buildup of old foliage which is blocking sunlight.

Curious Mind: Shopping overhaul needed to keep consumers coming back

Q: With the loss of three big box stores, what kind of impact will that make on the local economy?A: “My answer is not much,” said Nathan Murray, the city’s economic development director. “The closing of these particular stores says much more about the finances of those companies and the state of retail in our country than it does about the local economy of Twin Falls.”