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Big Story preview: Special education services in Idaho

South-central Idaho faces a multitude of challenges with educating students who have special needs. The region has seen Idaho’s largest increase in the number of students who require special education services, and more children are coming in with severe needs or behavioral issues. With a shortage of federal funding, school districts are dipping more into their general fund to pay for services they’re required by law to provide.

Twin Falls canal officials open gates for the 114th time

MURTAUGH — Technology is more sophisticated now than in 1905 when the headgates of the Twin Falls Canal system swung open for the first time. But little else has changed over the past 113 years.

DEQ seeks comment on water reuse permit for Amalgamated Sugar

TWIN FALLS — The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality is seeking public comment on a draft water-reuse permit renewal for the Amalgamated Sugar Company of Twin Falls. The permit will authorize the company to continue operating a wastewater treatment facility and reuse system for another five years. It will allow recycled water to be used to irrigate agricultural fields and the conditional use of condensate wastewater for dust suppression.

Curious Mind: Your call cannot be connected without network coverage

Q: Isn’t there an emergency number you can dial in places with no phone reception?A: “If there is no cell tower or phone service, then there is no way of calling out,” said Jackie Frey, director of Twin Falls County Office of Emergency Management.